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Solutions Offered by LATC

Cisco IP Phone Solutions

We provide the full  spectrum of Cisco's Unified Communications solutions. By providing cost-effective collaboration and communication, we have helped hundreds of customers realize the potential of a phone system with almost limitless features. With our expertise, we have been able to suit every customers needs ranging from CDR collections, ACD functions, Special Auto Attendants, Wi-Fi phones, and every feature that PBX's twice the cost offer. The all-in-one solutions that we have implemented have saved customers thousands of dollars of implementation time and extra expense.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is proven to be a reliable, feature-rich platform for your voice communications, offering you the same quality as a regular landline service and a number of business benefits.

Minimize Phone Costs

Because VoIP calls are made using your broadband network, your internal / site-to-site calls are free, and you external call charges are minimised. What's more, VoIP phones can be moved from one location to another, simply by plugging them into any network port. This means lower capital costs, reduced management costs, and no more delays as you wait around for PBX maintenance staff.

Route Calls Anywhere

Contact centers use VoIP to route calls to their agents based on skill set, allow agents to take calls from potential customers, and even let agents receive business calls as they work flexibly and remotely from home via the Internet. Field staff can also use VoIP 'soft phone' applications to make and receive calls from their laptop or smart phone as if they were sitting right at their office desks.

Seamless Switchover

Using industry-leading solutions from VoIP providers, we can expand your existing PBX to support VoIP, or design a modern solution from the ground up. We can also advise you about hosted VoIP services, meaning we manage all the relevant technology on your behalf.

We'll install the VoIP infrastructure, identify the right VoIP phones for your business, get your 'soft phones' working properly, and do everything else to make sure you benefit from the future of voice calls – today.


Your success depends upon your ability to communicate effectively. This ability to communicate effectively relies on your IT networks – both the local area networks (LANs) on the inside of your offices, and the wide area network (WAN) on the outside, connecting individual offices together.

Carefully considering your business requirements and our technological capabilities will ensure the design and implementation of a robust, reliable network that will support your growth long into the future.

We have built networks for small and large firms spanning diverse industries. No matter what your business's IT problem, we've likely already implemented a similar working solution elsewhere.

Our skilled consultants can help with network needs assessment, design, implementation, testing, and ongoing support. We can review the network you already have and assess how effectively it meets your business needs.

We can help no matter whether you require fixed or wireless LAN, WAN, or SAN. All of these different solutions require unique equipment and expertise. And all play a key role in keeping your people in productive communication throughout their working days.

With the right network, reliable and effective communication is assured; let us help you build the right network, and help you take your business where you want it to go.


IT systems have revolutionised the way businesses are run, but they've also created a difficult paradox: the more applications you need, the more complex it is to keep them running.

The average company has too many physical servers some old, some new – running all kinds of business applications as well as basic services such as Web servers, file servers and print servers. Some servers run old software, some run new software, and all are consuming massive amounts of power.

Server virtualization combines the functions of a dozen or more existing systems into just one physical server. There's no slowdown in performance. In fact, newer virtualized servers usually run faster than old ones – but you will notice the extra floor space, reduced power consumption, and lower demand for ancillary services such as air conditioning.

Virtualization also plays a key role in minimising your company's carbon footprint, since reductions in power consumption directly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced in running your data centre.

Server virtualization is every bit as revolutionary as it sounds, which explains why it is top priority list of most companies. Let Light Application Teamaudit your existing server environment and demonstrate how much you could save through virtualization.