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A Highlight of Services Offered by LATC

LATC's co-sourcing services allow your business to find the right balance between in-house and outside support by leveraging the capability of your in-house IT staff with the in-depth expertise of LATC's engineers. By delivering effective support when you need it, providing specialists for critical applications, minimizing travel costs through remote support, offering unique services such as customized, automated server monitoring, and charging only for the services you use, LATC gives you an affordable way to maximize the business value of your network.

Managed Services

Light Application Team delivers a broad spectrum of managed services solutions that address the various operational and strategic needs of your enterprise. We have saved customers an average of 40% off their IT recurring bill for BETTER ON-SITE managed service care!

CIO/CTO Service

If your company has projects that require temporary leadership or need specialized expertise to take your project to the next level, Light Application Team Consulting can provide the full array of support. Our approach to project management provides the most effective leadership model to see your projects through to completion.

LATC offers CTO/CIO (Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer) services on a consulting basis for technology-related strategic planning, organization, and executive management. This service is offered as an inclusion to our monthly service contract as a benefit to your commitment to us. Companies often need three to four major IT related initiatives per year. Unfortunately most companies may not be able to accomplish these initiatives internally due to current workload or lack of expertise in certain technologies.

Light Application Team Consulting consultants have relevant industry experience and proven methodologies providing fresh thinking and perspectives for accomplishing business goals including:

  • Strategic planning and design
  • Process engineering
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Return on investment analysis
  • Creating requests for proposal
  • Implementation of EMR and EDM solutions
  • Authoring white papers
  • Creating budgets
  • Authoring the "1 click billing" solution for our healthcare customers
  • Drafting policies and procedures
  • Creating job descriptions
  • Hiring qualified candidates
  • Utilizing outsourced resources effectively

Remote Support

LATC has a longterm experience providing remote support which has helped us to develop world-class skills and software tools to solve IT problems without the cost and delays associated with on-site service calls. Now LATC is offering remote support to small businesses anywhere in the United States. If the local network support options in your area are too expensive, limited in technical scope, or unavailable when you need help, LATC has the solution.

Project Management

For enterprise IT projects, LATC uses a phased approach based on defined milestones in order to meet budgetary, scheduling and engineering goals while minimizing business disruption. LATC's methodology includes requirements definition, design and architecture proposals, pilots, design tuning, and expert implementation. All phases are documented to provide a detailed description of technical services delivered and to assist in ongoing network system maintenance.

Offsite Managed Data

Our Data Centers offer companies of any size an economical way to achieve a secure, fault-tolerance environment for mission-critical equipment. Data centers house web and email servers, mass storage and other equipment. LATC's Data Center Support Services provide expert on-site and remote support for businesses who use data centers in various locations nationwide.